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The return of Transparent Soul

Hello, kiddies.

While gearing up for the final installment of the fabled AntiDivas sereies, I jumped in the proverbial wayback machine and pieced this eclectic blend of women vocalists together. It goes all over the place musically, with everything from Annie Haslam to Bahamadia… This is what would have been pouring through my headphones about 10 or so years ago. Felt good to listen to these tunes again; some stuff here I haven’t played in 10 years… Enjoy 🙂

As always, you can listen at your leisure or on demand

01 Motherless Child-Sweetwater
02 Lusty-Lamb
03 Looking Glass Girl-The Glove
04 Carolyn’s Fingers-Cocteau Twins
05 Moodswing-Luscious Jackson
06 Cowboys-Portishead
07 Killing-Olive
08 Carpet Of The Sun-Renaissance
09 Lost In Paradise-The Brasil ’66
10 Pep Talk-Bahamadia
11 Breakbeat Era-Breakbeat Era
12 Baby Girl-Nelly Furtado
13 Wasted Early Sunday Morning-Sneaker Pimps
14 Diagonals-Stereolab
15 Black Milk-Massive Attack
16 That Woman-Smith And Mighty
17 Candy Man-Cibo Matto
18 Time Baby 3-Medicine

More to come sooner than later. I assure you 🙂

Have fun(k) and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.


Liquid Blues…

Hello, kiddies.

Here was the second opportunity to tinker around with that software. This time I went for the blunted out beat, although there are a few drum and bass hints peppered throughout. Again, I hope you enjoy it. Big thanks to my friend Roger who was instrumental in helping inspiring me to put this one together…

As always, you can listen at your leisure or on demand

01 A Warning (version one…?)-Thievery Corporation
02 The Sleepless-Red Snapper
03 Modular Mix-Air
04 Belgian Cappucino-Mujaji
05 Breeze-Beanfield
06 Flipmode Flute-Hazed Project
07 Trigger Hippie-Morcheeba
08 Drum & Bossa.-Landslide
09 Torture-Infamous
10 The Human Condition-Ming + FS
11 Arrival-Klute
12 Illcity Pt. 1-Extended Spirit
13 The Outsider-Mono
14 Gorecki (Global Communication Mix)-Lamb
15 Hallucinate-Silverbeam
16 Time Warp-Moody Allen

I’ll keep ’em coming when I can I’m looking to try lots of new stuff. I forgot how much fun that software was to use. Til the next time, you know the rest. Enjoy 🙂

Peace and blessings.


Run Through The Jungle… A Drum And Bass Exercise

Hello, kiddies.

It’s been an awful long time, but I can only say that I plan to make up for lost time…

I was farting around with some old software I hadn’t used in a while. Remember, I am really only an armchair DJ. This is what happened. Although I wish I did, I never got into raves really. Actually, I’ve only been to one… but I did love the music. I guess my brain cells should thank me to a degree, huh? Anywho, here’s some of those life affirming classics. They should all be very familiar. I have only a few, thanks to some good luck and a good friend. Save for cheating by using software, I did manage to painstakingly put each track right where it should be to create a seamless mix just like the ones I used to hunt for in the CD shops back in the day. All I can say is that it took a very steady hand, sliding those waveforms in increments of a fraction of a pixel at a time… The end result should take you on an ecstatic travel down memory lane, at the very least that is what I hope. If you like it, I’ll post more because they really do make me feel good when I play them on my iPod. Even with the factory speakers in my wife’s little grocery getter, it just sounds so good. I really hope you enjoy it. Much respect to all the Jungle fans out there… 🙂

Even here, you can listen at your leisure or on demand.

01 Beatbox-Roni Size
02 Brand New Funk-Adam F
03 Suicide-Kosheen
04 Tipsy-Grossenhosen
05 Aquarius 26/1-Deja Vu
06 Funktion-Ed Rush & Optical
07 Vegas-Peshay
08 Millennial Dawn-3D
09 Smoking Section-Flow
10 On A Journey-I Cue
11 Snapshot-Roni Size
12 Piper-Johnny L
13 Ride The Rhythm-Desperado
14 Friday Nite Ride-DJ Wally
15 Kloakin Device-Krust
16 Happily-Yellownote

…and yes, the next time will be light years sooner than the last time. There will be some major changes around here too, once I get the motivation to carry out the deed. Til next time, have fun(k) and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.


More Misspent Childhood…

Hello, kiddies.

Before I pack up my books for another three months of intense studying, here are a few more cherished nuggets from my misspent childhood. It was these tunes that helped to ease the pain of serving that long punishment, as they were a suitable substitute for the Soul records that I couldn’t play. It’s hard to believe that it’s been damn near thirty years since these records came out. Face it, we’re not getting any younger, but at least I have the memories…


01 Sign Of The Times-The Belle Stars
02 Backfired-Deborah Harry
03 Big Man Restless-Kissing The Pink
04 Love On Your Side-Thompson Twins
05 Young Guns (Special Mixed Masters Edition)-Wham! UK
06 Faith In this Colour-Duran Duran
07 Poison Arrow-ABC
08 Should I Love You-Cee Farrow
09 AEIOU (Sometimes Y) (Long Version)-Ebn-Ozn
10 I’m Your Money-Heaven 17
11 It’s Alright (Baby’s Coming Back)-Eurythmics
12 Perfect Way-Scritti Politti
13 Dirty Creature-Split Enz
14 Are You Serious-til tuesday
15 Paint Me Down-Spandau Ballet
16 Love Parasite-Fad Gadget
17 State Farm-Yazoo
18 New Song-Howard Jones

Please download and enjoy More Misspent Childhood, 95 MB.

Time to maintain that 4.0 GPA for now, but I’ll be back with another batch of eclectic porportions. Until then, have fun(k), and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.


To have and have not part two (including another special funk fix)…

Hello, kiddies.

As promised, here is another collection of funky chestnuts, most of which I’d kill to own on 45s… It was made for the fine folks at Sunshine Octopus about three weeks ago. Have fun(k)!


01 Yeah Yeah-Black Rock

02 Blow Your Mind-The Interpretations

03 Funky Chick-The Majestics

04 Got To Have It-Rhon Butler The Soul President

05 Double Booty Bump-Russell Gordon & Versatile Souls

06 The Funky Buzzard-Little Oscar

07 Gettin’ Down-Eugene Blackwell & the New Breed

08 Soul Combination-The Soul Combination

09 Funky Thing Pt. 1-The Unemployed

10 Funky Thing Pt. 2-The Unemployed

11 Psychedelic Excursion-Broadneck

12 Creation Of Music-Primitive

13 Bad On Bad-Chet Ivey

14 Cramp Your Style-All The People

15 Twine Time (XL Version)-Alvin Cash

16 Shake A Leg-Jackie Wilson

17 What It Is Pts. 1&2-Randolph Brothers Plus

18 The Funky (8) Corners-Willie & The Magnificents

19 Bold Soul Sister-Ike & Tina Turner

20 Something Different-The Prepositions

21 (Do Your) Funky Thing Part 1-Larry Ellis & The Black Hammer

22 (Do Your) Funky Thing Part 2-Larry Ellis & The Black Hammer

23 Acid Lady-The San Francisco T.K.O’s

24 (Do) Whatever Turns You On Pts. 1&2-The Prepositions

25 Interpretation- Soul Power No 1-The Soul Impossibles

Please download and enjoy Daydreamin’ Funk, 97 MB.

I went ahead and re-opened the archives for a little while. You may or may not like what you see, but feel free to have a look round. I’ll be back soon. Again, have fun(k), and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

Another round of respect must go to all of my colleagues the world over.Thanks again and again.


I’m gonna wave my freak flag high…

Hello, kiddies.

This time around, I have a special Psychedelic Psupper (could it be a new series… I think so). I borrowed that from the old radio programme they used to have on 98 Rock where they played psychedelic standards that would easily fit in today’s classic rock radio playlists. Let me tell you however, that such is not the case here. After having immersed my brains in all kinds of Psych rarities for the past two months at least, I felt the need to construct this little ditty collecting some of my favourites. Besides being inspired by a lot of blogs (who I will definitely show my love to in a second), but also by the most recent trip to two of my favourite shops in Rehoboth Beach, Superkind and the Sunshine Octopus, located right on the main drag. If you’re in the market for groovy threads, biting bumper stickers  and all things hippie, do drop by if you’re ever in town, and tell ‘em the Soul Chef sent you…


01-Hippy Dippy Funky Monkey Double Bubble Sitar Man-The Hubbles
02-I Live In The Springtime-The Lemon Drops
03-Hallucinations-Baker Knight & The Nightmares
04-My Mind Goes High-MC2
05-C’mon Baby (Blow Your Mind)-Deep Six
06-Icicle Star Tree-The Asylum Choir
07-Orange Rooftop Of Your Mind-Blue Things
08-Pipe Dream-The Blues Magoos
09-You’re In My Mind-graf Zeppelin
10-Mystic Clouds-The Pagens
11-Psychedelic Trip-The Chocolate Watchband
12-Strange Trip-The Sounds
13-Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow-Strawberry Alarm Clock
14-I’m So Glad-Traffic Sound
15-You Got Me High-Science Poption
16-Hip Hip Hurray-Snap Shots
17-Magic Mirror-Aphrodite’s Child
18-Feel Right-The Carriage Company
19-Naturally Stoned-Avant Garde
20-Sunshine World-Cosmic Brotherhood
21-Smell Of Incense-Southwest F.O.B.
22-Aeroplane-Jethro Toe
23-Bubbles-The Free Design
24-Dark Star-Grateful Dead
25-Jam And Anti Freeze-New Zealand Trading Company
26-Flying-Siounds Nice
27-Strawberry Fields Forever-Richie Havens
28-The Quiet Explosion-The Uglys

Please download and enjoy Sunshine Superkind, 71 MB

There’ll be something new soon…

Peace and blessings.

Many, many thanks and praises to the following:

High All The Time
Huddinge Hill
Iron Leg
The Psychedelic Lion
Sir Psych’s Psychedelic Shack

Much respect to you all…


Soul should know no colour…

Hello, kiddies.

The feeling hits once again…

This time, I went back to the back of the pantry to revisit another long forgotten mix that I did back in 2000. It was all about the Trip Hop aesthetic back then. In fact, it was through tunes like these that the term AntiDiva was actually born, before I even thought to put a brand on it. And believe me, the final analysis, as is always the case here, revealed Soul… hence the title. What matters most is what comes from the pipes of the ladies who take their place in this mix, which has only been heard by a handful of people… until now. I hope you like it.


01 Silicone Girl-Mono
02 Les Portes Du Souvenir – Les Nubians
03 This Is You-Presence
04 Tickertape Of The Unconscious-Stereolab
05 Same-Smith And Mighty
06 All I Ask-Rae And Christian
07 A Mistake-Fiona Apple
08 Gorecki-Lamb
09 Joyful Girl (Peace and Love Mix)-Ani DiFranco
10 Your Song-Groove Armada
11 Six Underground-Sneaker Pimps
12 Protection-Massive Attack
13 Blindfold-Morcheeba
14 Strangers (live)-Portishead

Please download and enjoy Transparent Soul, a zip file, 69 MB

Next time will most likely find me going in a much different direction once again… until then, have fun(k) and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.


How’s your pallette…?

Hello, kiddies.


I’m going to try something a little unexpected here. This is a brand new place for those of you who with a taste for something a little out there somewhere. I’ve been wanting to do this for weeks, so I hope you can indulge me. Who knows, you may acquire a new taste… you may be pleasantly surprised, or you may be pleasantly disturbed by what is about to transpire here.

Let me walk you through it. Basically, I’m going real deep into the pantry, deeper than I will ever go for Fufu Stew, simply because some of the Fufu faithful may not understand. While my faith and allegiance lies within the grooves of seven inch slabs of imperfect vinyl, I do have a longing to sample different tastes and flavours from the opposite ends of the spectrum on occasion. You may never know what I may decide to do here on any given day, but I hope that very thought will be what makes this little corner of the blogisphere appealing…

For the first installment, I just did an on-the-fly mix for one of my esteemed colleagues. Suffice it to say, he was apprehensive. In any event, I decided to pull it out again and heat up a little bit. You’re more than welcome to dig in and enjoy with me.

01 Dreamings Ending-Red Temple Spirits
02 Three Times And Waving-Breathless
03 State Of The Nation-Fad Gadget
04 Sex Eye make Up-The Glove
05 See My Wife-The Wolfgang Press
06 Arc-Lite (Sonar)-Loop
07 Grey Turns White-Ultra Vivid Scene
08 If I Forget-Joydrop
09 Gathering Dust-Modern English
10 East Of Eden-Dead Can Dance
11 Meet Murder My Angel-Soft Cell
12 Singing Rule Britannia (While The Walls Close In)-The Chameleons
13 Caged Bird-The Shroud
14 Control-The Wake
15 She Knows Everything-Medicine
16 Playboys-Mono
17 The Lint Of Love-Cibo Matto

Please download and enjoy The Acquired Taste, an mp3 file, 68 MB.

I’ll have some really cool art with the next one… ’til then, please be safe

Peace and blessings.


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