Liquid Blues…

Hello, kiddies.

Here was the second opportunity to tinker around with that software. This time I went for the blunted out beat, although there are a few drum and bass hints peppered throughout. Again, I hope you enjoy it. Big thanks to my friend Roger who was instrumental in helping inspiring me to put this one together…

As always, you can listen at your leisure or on demand

01 A Warning (version one…?)-Thievery Corporation
02 The Sleepless-Red Snapper
03 Modular Mix-Air
04 Belgian Cappucino-Mujaji
05 Breeze-Beanfield
06 Flipmode Flute-Hazed Project
07 Trigger Hippie-Morcheeba
08 Drum & Bossa.-Landslide
09 Torture-Infamous
10 The Human Condition-Ming + FS
11 Arrival-Klute
12 Illcity Pt. 1-Extended Spirit
13 The Outsider-Mono
14 Gorecki (Global Communication Mix)-Lamb
15 Hallucinate-Silverbeam
16 Time Warp-Moody Allen

I’ll keep ’em coming when I can I’m looking to try lots of new stuff. I forgot how much fun that software was to use. Til the next time, you know the rest. Enjoy 🙂

Peace and blessings.

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