Run Through The Jungle… A Drum And Bass Exercise

Hello, kiddies.

It’s been an awful long time, but I can only say that I plan to make up for lost time…

I was farting around with some old software I hadn’t used in a while. Remember, I am really only an armchair DJ. This is what happened. Although I wish I did, I never got into raves really. Actually, I’ve only been to one… but I did love the music. I guess my brain cells should thank me to a degree, huh? Anywho, here’s some of those life affirming classics. They should all be very familiar. I have only a few, thanks to some good luck and a good friend. Save for cheating by using software, I did manage to painstakingly put each track right where it should be to create a seamless mix just like the ones I used to hunt for in the CD shops back in the day. All I can say is that it took a very steady hand, sliding those waveforms in increments of a fraction of a pixel at a time… The end result should take you on an ecstatic travel down memory lane, at the very least that is what I hope. If you like it, I’ll post more because they really do make me feel good when I play them on my iPod. Even with the factory speakers in my wife’s little grocery getter, it just sounds so good. I really hope you enjoy it. Much respect to all the Jungle fans out there… 🙂

Even here, you can listen at your leisure or on demand.

01 Beatbox-Roni Size
02 Brand New Funk-Adam F
03 Suicide-Kosheen
04 Tipsy-Grossenhosen
05 Aquarius 26/1-Deja Vu
06 Funktion-Ed Rush & Optical
07 Vegas-Peshay
08 Millennial Dawn-3D
09 Smoking Section-Flow
10 On A Journey-I Cue
11 Snapshot-Roni Size
12 Piper-Johnny L
13 Ride The Rhythm-Desperado
14 Friday Nite Ride-DJ Wally
15 Kloakin Device-Krust
16 Happily-Yellownote

…and yes, the next time will be light years sooner than the last time. There will be some major changes around here too, once I get the motivation to carry out the deed. Til next time, have fun(k) and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

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