To have and have not part two (including another special funk fix)…

Hello, kiddies.

As promised, here is another collection of funky chestnuts, most of which I’d kill to own on 45s… It was made for the fine folks at Sunshine Octopus about three weeks ago. Have fun(k)!


01 Yeah Yeah-Black Rock

02 Blow Your Mind-The Interpretations

03 Funky Chick-The Majestics

04 Got To Have It-Rhon Butler The Soul President

05 Double Booty Bump-Russell Gordon & Versatile Souls

06 The Funky Buzzard-Little Oscar

07 Gettin’ Down-Eugene Blackwell & the New Breed

08 Soul Combination-The Soul Combination

09 Funky Thing Pt. 1-The Unemployed

10 Funky Thing Pt. 2-The Unemployed

11 Psychedelic Excursion-Broadneck

12 Creation Of Music-Primitive

13 Bad On Bad-Chet Ivey

14 Cramp Your Style-All The People

15 Twine Time (XL Version)-Alvin Cash

16 Shake A Leg-Jackie Wilson

17 What It Is Pts. 1&2-Randolph Brothers Plus

18 The Funky (8) Corners-Willie & The Magnificents

19 Bold Soul Sister-Ike & Tina Turner

20 Something Different-The Prepositions

21 (Do Your) Funky Thing Part 1-Larry Ellis & The Black Hammer

22 (Do Your) Funky Thing Part 2-Larry Ellis & The Black Hammer

23 Acid Lady-The San Francisco T.K.O’s

24 (Do) Whatever Turns You On Pts. 1&2-The Prepositions

25 Interpretation- Soul Power No 1-The Soul Impossibles

Please download and enjoy Daydreamin’ Funk, 97 MB.

I went ahead and re-opened the archives for a little while. You may or may not like what you see, but feel free to have a look round. I’ll be back soon. Again, have fun(k), and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

Another round of respect must go to all of my colleagues the world over.Thanks again and again.

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